Bitcoin Outreach & Education

We are the BEEs – providing Bitcoin Education and Empowerment in your community.

The purpose of the BOE Group Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is to promote Bitcoin through education and outreach within the community. We aim to engage with local groups, including churches, community centers, chambers of commerce, civic organizations, and farmers markets, and lunch and learns, to educate individuals on the benefits of Bitcoin.

Why a Bitcoin Outreach and Education Group?

As of 2024, 15 years into the Bitcoin experiment, it is clear that when we are speaking with groups, that the misinformation on Bitcoin still makes up the thinking in the majority of the audience that we speak. Bitcoin is transformational freedom money, and this needs to be promoted to the masses.
When speaking to a recent civic group, 98% of the crowd either did not know Bitcoin at all, did not interact with Bitcoin in any manner, or had negative views on it. When we ended the talk, we were graciously thanked for sharing and clarifying Bitcoins true potential and use in the world. We get this positive response regularly after our talks. This positive response was the catalyst for starting the Bitcoin Outreach and Education Group.

BOE Goals

Our goals are build individual savings, enhance financial self-sovereignty, secure personal freedoms, and create a robust and vibrant future for our children. We focus on helping those traditionally excluded from the financial system by demonstrating how Bitcoin can positively impact their lives. We work and speak with mainstream civic and business groups to educate on the benefits of Bitcoin.

BOE Group provides knowledgeable and experienced speakers for your event speaking and teaching on curated topics on Bitcoin in your Daily Life, Accepting Bitcoin in Retail, Self-Sovereignty, Bitcoin 101, Bitcoin For Your Group, Bitcoin in the Community, and My First Bitcoin Classes.

Contact a BEE to speak at your group event, or to have a BEE teach a Bitcoin class to your group.